Pig Strategy.

Pigs, Bone and Darkness? BONEPIGS? (Cmon Sean.. You read this right?), maybe Iguan? Whatever your monster of choice, it's in here.
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Pig Strategy.

Post by SeanSutter » Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:49 pm

Up on the Facebook page, Kyle asked about Pigs. And I wrote this stuff up for him. I figure it's worth sharing here!

Without taking away the fun of exploring the game, here are a few tips I have for the Pigs!
  • Soldier pigs are your best anti-armor
  • Shield pigs with shield wall are your best armor. And form an anchor for a supported unit. Protect your friends is super important for pigs since tough means they recover 1:3 of the time.
  • Raiders are good flanking unit since they have high value melee and a ranged attack to harass. Give them a sling and they have two ranged attacks to take out soft targets (thief, Druid, Ranger, Billman, Sabercat... anything that's armor 1!)
  • Berserkers are great shock troops. But wait to use frenzy until you can get work done. Frenzy also means they can potentially run very far to claim objectives. Give them a health potion. That way you can get more frenzy actions in before they die.
  • Axe pigs are slightly more mobile than soldiers since battle axe can work with one die. But it’s a taste thing. You should experiment to see which you prefer.
Keep your pigs together. Use them like an army instead of a party of heroes. They need each other.

Bonus tip. Brutal charge is amazing. Crit gore on a brutal charge is pretty common. Crit in one dice actions is always 1:6 but since you’re hitting on a 3 you won’t be tempted to focus and ruin your crit odds.

Seriously, this is a hot tip. Bumping the +2 attacks to a +4 of a crit up to +6 with brutal charge. You'll be ripping faces off in no time. Also if it doesn't crit it's still +4!

Ready to get some work done with Gore?? Give an Axe/Soldier Pig a cudgel and brutal charge. They're only 13 points and still benefit from the combo above.

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Re: Pig Strategy.

Post by guapo » Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:08 am

Awesome advice!
Being an old Orc player I already love the Pigmen -they are a fresh take on the 'brutal savage':)

Come on February, hurry up!

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