Iguan Synergy Listbuild

Pigs, Bone and Darkness? BONEPIGS? (Cmon Sean.. You read this right?), maybe Iguan? Whatever your monster of choice, it's in here.
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Iguan Synergy Listbuild

Post by TPOT » Mon Jul 23, 2018 3:37 pm

So I've got this list theory that I'd love to try, but I haven't been able to get anyone in my local area seriously into Relicblade. I wonder if y'all here at the forum can share any thoughts or insights into the warband list I had in mind.

Iguan Witch
- Consult the Eyes
Synvar the Sneak (or Iguan Assassin)
- Nimble
Mangrove Basilisk
- Apex Predator
Iguan Poacher

Synvar's Intimidate ability is really the crux of the synergy here, though there is synergy elsewhere.
Pop Intimidate on someone and either the witch or the poacher can down someone in a turn (with the Cerebral Edema or Impale ability respectively).
The Basilisk's multiple abilities can be a setup for the Iguan Poacher with bind and the like.
Synvar's dagger (Death's Claw) lost the Poison rule and gained "-1 AD on next activation," which (if I'm getting this right) means it will stack with the -1 AD from the Basilisk's poison attacks. This results in a -2 AD on the target's next activation (if it isn't dead).

Consult the Eyes is always good on the witch, and it might help save AD when trying to get the many 2 die abilities off.
Nimble makes Synvar just a little bit tougher.
Apex Predator is there mostly because I had 1pt leftover and needed to spend it.

Synvar could be swapped out for the Iguan Assassin if need be as well - and then upgraded with Neurotoxin or Magic Weapon.

I know this is mostly just using the Iguan expansion, but I'm still curious as to what y'all would think of this setup and if it could work.


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