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First order

Posted: Tue May 08, 2018 9:22 pm
by Thomithy
I placed an order for a starter bundle and went off the recommendation for the extra characters. However given I don’t have the rules and point breakdowns for the one offs, it made it hard to place an order confidently versus waiting and placing a second order later. I wanted to be able to play a standard game from go. Would it be too hard to express the point values on the item page or the point options for any variation? I would have bought more with a clearer understanding as an uninformed or newer player of this game.

Re: First order

Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 10:03 am
by Reolus
Hi Thomithy,

Welcome to the forum.

I understand what you mean about the point cost of the models being unknown, but after purchasing all of the models I can tell you that they are all balanced and very similar. Apart from the pig warriors, bone stalkers, and companions in the Lone Guard, all the other characters are between 20 and 26 points, average being 23. All faction sets are more than enough to play a standard 100 point game and with the upgrade cards, offer different weapons and tactics to try different things. I think for your first purchase it is important to buy the faction you think looks the coolest and experiment. For me, part of the fun was not knowing exactly what was coming in each deck and being able to read about it for the first time when I open it.

If you would like to know specific information, throw the question up on the forum and we will try our best to answer them.

Re: First order

Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 12:53 pm
by Yvain
Not displaying points is kind of standard for miniature games. However, you really aren't going to get much of a feel for the game and characters without playing. I highly recommend you grab the Seeker's Handbook as it adds a ton of options to the game and changes the way it is played.

Expect the heroes to be 20-25 points and the standard guys to be around 10.

To give you some tips on the basics with model choices:

Advocate Forces:

Questing Knight: This guy is your primary tank and damage dealer. All of his powers involve getting in and doing damage while absorbing some.
Cleric of Justice: The Cleric is a mixture of support and fighter. He starts with good attack and defense and has the hammer summon which gives a free model to help fight. Later gets heals.
Wild Elf Druid: The Druid is also a support hybrid. Her bear form is a strong tank that has a ton of heal easily outpacing the knight, however he is not quite and damagey. The Druid form is a healer/caster.
Thief: The thief is an objective grabber. She is all aout mobility and can do some damage, but is very fragile.
Lone Guard Warrior: Like the knight only more generialist.
Lone Guard Ranger: Range DPS guy, pretty fragile.
Billman Companion (standard): Decent CC, but as a non hero much cheaper
Sabretooth Companion (Standard): Dirt cheap standard guy
Wild Elf Geomancer: Ranged caster with some crowd control abilities
Gnome Alchemist with Fox: Support/Objective grabber. Throws down heals and debuffs enemeies moves very fast
Stonekin Battleborn: Tank, most forcused on defense than the knight.
Gnome Battlesmith: Glass Cannon, lots of damage and has some good defense, but no HP/
Gnome Battlesmith with Ibex: The same, but trades some damage for objective grabbing via the Ibex.

Re: First order

Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 1:31 pm
by Yvain
Adversary Force:
Pig Types (Standard): The pigs are all cheap varriations of CC types. Think the billman except you can have alot of them. Some interesting abilities like pig out and slings can give you a versatile force with just these guys.
Pig Warlord: Don't have this dude.
Vermin Mouth: Support/Summoner, his rats are high damage and annoying.
Dark Wanderer: Hero villain that can hit hard and summon more stalkers. Middle of the road fighting ability.
Dark Warden: Ranged hero, similar to above
Bone Construct: Unique unit that can hit hard and take hits. Can only be killed by magic weapons so hypothetically you could get getting more bone dudes to sacrifice to the construct to keep horror going.
Bone Stalker (Standard): Cheap line troop that trades some fighting ability of pigs for speed.
Ogre Retiarius: Hero tank similar to the Stonekin
Iguan Slaver: CC fighter with some crowd control and buffing abilities.
Iguan Poacher: Ranged and CC fighter. Equally good at both, but not as focused.
Iguan Witch: Pure caster with that does lots of ranged damage and a debuff
Mangrove Basilisk: Tank with a few interesting debuffs

Re: First order

Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 3:15 pm
by Reolus
That's a good write up Yvain. I agree, getting the Seeker's Handbook is definitely recommended.

Just to add the three that were missed in your list

Shark Warrior: Similar to the knight. Also gets access to an upgrade card that gives him a chance to heal a wound every turn.
Eel Sorcerer: Similar to the Iguan Witch but with slightly better defence and health.

Hellhound Berserker: Offensive unit. Haven't played with this one yet. I believe it is considered a beast so can't claim objectives.

Re: First order

Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 10:13 pm
by Thomithy
Thanks much for all the information and details. Really helpful as I work my way through next steps with this game.

Re: First order

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:04 am
by WSUJSteve
You did fine with your first order. The important thing to know is that with the exception of the bone and darkness expansion you're pretty much up to a full "army" with any other pack. The starter gives you two great forces to get started and the real recommendation would be to maybe add a good-guy expansion and a bad-guy expansion to the starter for a huge amount of variation.

That being said, Yvain, I might borrow your breakdown and build up some of the website content with it.. It's great information.