Soloblade Scenario: The Great Escape

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Soloblade Scenario: The Great Escape

Post by TPOT » Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:30 pm

I've been working on a Soloblade scenario pitting a player versus simple monsters. The full rules will be in the link as well as potential ideas to have more than one player (either cooperatively playing or competitively). The scenario is basically this:
We join our heroes as they race to escape the great monsters that chase them. Whether it's a pack of wild animals or an army of iron golems, our heroes must reach their destination point at all costs cutting through a narrow path. Whether it's a forest path, a deep canyon, or the dark underground our heroes only have goal now. Survival.

I've playtested it for a couple hours today running through different monsters and army compositions, and I think it works well enough for its intended purpose.

If you are playing alone, however, you will activate all of your models before the monsters activate.

You can use as many monster types as you want, but I've only playtested it with 1 monster card per game. It kept things simple.
I also recommend that, if you're using 1 monster card, to have a bunch of that kind of monster on hand. 5 large models, 10 medium models, or 15 small models is what I'd recommend depending on the monster you generate.

The rules could probably be a bit tighter, but I make no claims to be a professional rules writer. If there ever was a case of Rules as Intended versus Rules as Written, this would be it. ... sp=sharing

I'd love to hear if the scenario works for everyone else as well as it's worked for me. I've won some games, lost some games, and been annihilated in other games using this scenario.

Solo scenario where you race to the end where there is an army of monsters attacking you.

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Re: Soloblade Scenario: The Great Escape

Post by WSUJSteve » Mon Apr 30, 2018 3:45 pm

I have yet to give this a try but I will and give you some feedback :D

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